Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual race?/How It works:

A virtual race can be run, walked, biked, treadmill and even in a wheelchair anytime and anywhere! It’s Your Race at Your Pace! Participants in a Run Fierce virtual race earn incredible medals for themselves while raising money for the charity chosen for each race!

How does a virtual race work?

Simply register for one of our Run Fierce Virtual Runs, complete the distance anytime at your pace and anywhere you desire, even at the gym! 

Can anyone participate?


Young or old, fast or slow – we encourage participants of all ages and ability levels including wheelchair/disability participants.

Can I walk? Do I have to complete the entire race distance all at once?

The Run Fierce virtual races always welcome walkers!

Most participants complete their run all at once, but the Run Fierce Team understands that not everyone is able to complete our minimum 5k distance in one day. Example: It took me 3 weeks to complete the El Morro Showdown 35 Mile Challenge! But I finished!

What our mission here at Run Fierce is less about hard rules than it is about providing motivation to help with your personal goals and raising money for great causes across communities around the United States and Puerto Rico.

Can I bike/skate/Treadmill/swim/row/etc?

The Run Fierce Virtual Races are about providing you with motivation to achieve your goals, whatever those may be and get you to think outside the box. Yes, you can complete the distance you register for, however, you choose and whats comfortable to you!

How do I track my distance and time my run?

We accept results based on the honor system, so you can track your distance and time however you like. The most accurate way to do this is by using free smartphone apps available for iPhones and Android devices. We offer a virtual running club via the app Strava. Join us!

Where do I upload my results?

You can upload your results on the Strava App under the Run Fierce Club or on the Garmin Connect app under the Run Fierce Club. We love finishing photos! You can upload a race photo and tag us on Instagram or Facebook @runfierce and use the hashtag #runfiercerace

If you prefer to email us, send us your timeline and any photos to

Do I have to upload my results in order to receive my medal?

No. You are in control of when and where you complete your miles. We mail your race packet in 2 to 7 business days after your purchase unless you have participated in a pre-order. Pre-orders ship dates are included in each virtual race registration page.

What if I can’t complete my run during the race dates posted?

The Run Fierce Team always understands…. We got you.

We ship medals to everyone who registered during the posted race dates or before. If you don’t complete your run by then, you’ll still get your medal. You decide when you complete your run. Feel free to submit your results/photos when you DO complete your run!

Can I register for past events?

We strive to keep enough medals on hand to ensure we have enough to last through the sign-up and shipping dates. However, if the past race your looking at is posted as Sold Out, you won’t be able to sign up for that race until a new future sign up date is posted.

You can view our Past Virtual Runs page to see all of our past events.  

Are there any hidden fees? How much does shipping cost?

The Run Fierce Team certainly won’t add on any processing fees, taxes, or even shipping and handling charges – everything is included in the prices you see.

When will I receive my race packet?

Once you purchase we will ship your race package during each race posted race dates or before in most cases! When your race package ships, you’ll receive an e-mail notification that will include your USPS tracking number!                         📫 We ship race packets through USPS Monday - Friday.

*Occasionally, due to unexpected demand for a specific race or manufacturing delays beyond our control, there may be slight delays with late registrants receiving their race package. We will communicate these delays on our Run Fierce Blog page as soon as we are aware of the delay.

Do you ship internationally?

Run Fierce does ship to military APO/FPO address for our troops! If you have a team member that needs international shipping…Please contact the Run Fierce Team and we will certainly help make that happen. 

How big and how nice are the medals?

The medals are beautiful and each race medal is a one of a kind creation for each virtual race! All of the Run Fierce medals are at least 3” - 4″ in size depending on the race medal design needed. All of our medals come with full color customized lanyards.

Are the medals for each event the same or different for each distance?

The Run Fierce medals are exactly the same for each individual race. Whether you register for a 5k, 10k, or other lengths offered by the individual virtual race. Each Run Fierce virtual race description will show the race lengths offered. Each race medal will also have the race lengths for that individual race in the design.

Do you offer group discounts?

You Bet! If you put together a group of at least three (3) runners who plan to run together, we can set up a promo code for everyone in your group to use. Please contact us for more information. Tell us the name of your group and the number of people you expect to participate on a monthly basis.

This is a great opportunity for running clubs who have regularly scheduled fun runs and want to make one of them “special” each month by offering a sweet looking medal to the interested team participants. With proper timing…We can even ship your group leader the medals in advance if you would like to hand them out immediately after your team run.

Do you offer Military discounts?

HOORAH! As a 10 year veteran Air Force myself…ALL of our military active duty, national guard, reserves, retired veterans and their family members will receive discounts on ALL Run Fierce virtual races!

Please go to the Run Fierce Contact Us page to request your military coupon code! Let’s do this!

Can I make an additional donation to a charity?

Each Run Fierce virtual race registration page has links that will take you to the featured charity/organization/foundation website. If you would like to make an additional donation, please follow the link and donate directly to the charity via their website. By doing so, your donation will be both instant and tax deductible. There is no reason for the Run Fierce Team (or anyone else) to ever act as a middleman between you and a charity when you want to make an additional donation.

Is my registration fee tax deductible?

Unfortunately, no. While a portion of your registration fee will be donated to the race spotlighted charity, we are not a 501(c)(3) charity and are therefore unable to provide tax receipts to each individual registrant.

How do I know you’re actually donating money to charity?

We love this question! As we all know, there are plenty of unethical individuals in out there today who say they are raising funds for charity but never actually make the promised donation. The Run Fierce Team are certainly not like those individuals. As an Air Force veteran, we believe in complete transparency and post pictures of all of our donations and scans of any acknowledgment letters we receive on our Run Fierce Giving Back page!


How do you pick the charity/organization/foundation you feature?

The charities we’re featuring have been suggested by many participants or the Run Fierce Team has been inspired by meeting individuals and families that benefit from these charities/foundations. We receive many charity/organization/foundation suggestions and can’t feature them all, so we research and select charities/organizations/foundations we feel best fit the theme of a particular race. Most of our virtual race ideas/medals begin when we find that charity/foundation in the selection process!

If there is a charity/organization/foundation you would like spotlighted, please contact us and we will add them to our list for future race considerations. 

Full disclosure: We will be much more likely to choose a charity that serves a national community impact than a specific local charity. It’s not that we feel local charities are not worthy – They are! But we have found that people want to support organizations that are helping where they live, as opposed to charities based in other areas.

**Run Fierce Update- If you want to raise money in your ‘local’ community? The Run Fierce Team has a ‘Virtual Race Fundraiser’(VRF) Program that we tailor to fit your individual school/organization needs! Visit the Run Fierce Contact Us page with your information and let’s get a conversation going! We can certainly help!