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12 Race Season Pass

What’s included in my 12 Race Season Pass Package?

**Your ‘12 Race Season Pass’ race packet includes 12 races of your choice for the price of 10 during the 2021 calendar year!! $50.00 Savings

**Your race packets include the chosen race medal, authentic race bib, donation to the designated race charity/organization and FREE USPS first class shipping with tracking!

*Custom race shirts can be purchased separately.

**You’ll receive two FREE custom race shirts of the races of your choice including FREE shipping! $44.00 Savings

$94.00 Total Savings

Run Fierce 'Season Pass' Information:

  1. Can I share my ‘Season Pass’ with a friend? Sure! We only ship to the address of the ‘Season Pass’ purchaser/holder. If multiple shipping addresses are needed additional shipping charges will apply.
  2. How do I show that I have a ‘Season Pass’? Once you complete the checkout for the ‘Season Pass’ of your choice, you’ll receive an e-mail receipt/’Season Pass’ notification that you are now a Run Fierce ‘Season Pass’ holder!
  3. How do I redeem my ‘Season Pass’ race packets/shirt(s)? Easy! You'll receive 2 designated individual 'Season Pass' codes the next business day. The 1st code will redeem your $25.00 race packets(This includes medals/race bibs) and the 2nd code will redeem your shirt(s). If you have any questions you always reach out to Team Run Fierce at and the team will get you taken care of!
  4. Can I choose multiple medal/race bib packets from one race? You bet! Example: If you chose 3 medal/race bib packets for the Operation Iraqi Freedom race, that would count as 3 races on your ‘Season Pass’.
  5. Can I order my FREE shirt(s) from a race I didn’t receive a medal/race bib packet? Sure! You pick the race shirt(s) of your choice and we’ll take care of the rest!

**Additional Discounts can not be applied to the Run Fierce Season Passes.     ** There are no refunds for any unused portion of a Season Pass purchased.